Home Staging Services 

Successful staging has shown to cause a home to sell faster and for a higher amount.  Home staging is an investment that will pay for itself with the sale of your home. 


Staging provides buyers the opportunity to see the potential in your home instead of looking at your personal belongings.  Have a vacant home?  Staging can mean the difference between someone seeing themselves in their new home versus a property that is for sale. 


Contact us to set up a consultation for your upcoming staging project. 


Occupied Homes 


Whether your home needs simple decluttering, or a full scale make over we will determine what the best fit is to get your home sold.


Steps to a successful staging project:


  • Consultation

  • Determination of Budget

  • Create Staging Plan

  • Determine Materials Needed 

  • Execution of Plan 

There are staging plans for every type of budget.  Staging of an occupied property is dependent on the size of the home and the needs of the space. 






Vacant Properties


An empty space is difficult for potential buyers to see themselves at home.  These properties seem smaller and the average buyer does not have the vision for what the property can become.


Steps to a successful staging project: 


  • Consultation

  • Determination of Budget

  • Determine Length of Staging Project

  • Space Plan & Design  

  • Provide Furnishings & Accessories 

  • Delivery, Set Up & Removal of Items


Staging a Vacant property is dependent on the size of the home and the needs of the space. 



Luxury Lease 


We provide luxury lease packages for high-end Estates.  Individualized for each client's needs packages include:


  • Furnishings & Accessories 

  • Patio Furniture

  • Bed & Bath Linens

  • Electronics

  • Full Service Kitchen & Entertaining Dishware


This package is perfect for clients who are relocating or need short term luxury accomodations in otherwise unfurnished lease homes.


This service is also great for AirB&B Hosts that are looking to gain the maiximum profit for their rentals.