Design Consultations 

Need a little help to get started on your next project?


We are always happy to help.  Schedule a 90 minute consultation today.  Our on-site home visits can provide the design direction you are looking for, as well as answer any questions you may have about your home.


Due to the limited amount of time for each consultation, preparation is key to ensure we can 

make the most of every minute.  


Here are some things to consider prior to our meeting:


1. What do you want to achieve?


     Think about the space we will be discussing.  Envision your ideal end result and gather some        

     sample images of things you like and spaces that speak to you to help express the style you

     would like to create. 

2. What do you need help with?

     Make a list of what you wish to discuss.  From the most important project you want to tackle, to

     other areas you may have questions on.  We can address the most pressing issue first, and move

     down the list as time permits. 


3.  Think about your scope.  


      We only have 90 minutes together.  I can answer a number of your questions, and get you set up                for success for your upcoming project.  

      Should you need more time, or have a large project you want to embark on, we can review the                    best strategy to approach your project.